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About us

Everbright Bedding Manufactory is established in August 2000. Our company mainly produces three series of products: mattresses, pillows, bed. and other related products. In order to explore the international market and save shipping and storage costs for our customers, we developed vacuum compression packaging technology as early as 2000.

Quality is the first principle
This technology passed a 360day air leak test and ensures that the products remain unchanged and maintain their original thickness within ‡5mm, in accordance with the strict acceptance standards of Europe and the United States.
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About us
Company milestones: -
2000: Pioneered vacuum compression packaging technology -
2003: Established factory in Baiyun District, Guangzhou -
2007: Completed production base in Heshan, Guangdong and Nanhai - 2015: Operationalization of the marketing center for the Springfeel brand in Guangzhou -
2016: National approval for patented new spring mattress